8 Interesting Facts About Sweden And Social Media

Jun 30, 2009

As the US continues to struggle with how the healthcare system needs to be reformed, it was interesting to spend a week focused on Sweden in my Global Communications class this week as it presents an interesting opposite. The country has a high degree of nationalized services, which citizens of Sweden pay handsomely for with

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Signs Of Hope For The Transparent Future Of The FDA

Jun 25, 2009

Several weeks ago, what some might consider the most unlikely government agency to embrace social media decided to launch a blog. The FDA Transparency Blog was aimed at bringing a level of transparency to an agency that its own leader FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg recently described as a “black box that makes important decisions without

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Why Google & Virgin America's Online Scavenger Hunt ...

Jun 24, 2009

Early this morning Google Apps partnered with Virgin America to launch a unique campaign where they invited people taking Virgin America flights all day, as well as those sitting on computers at home or work to participate in an online scavenger hunt for clues to answer questions they would pose at you on a website

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How Social Media Could Have Saved FlyClear

Jun 24, 2009

This is the sad story of a company that died. Actually, it’s more of a question of how it could have been saved. I’m talking about the now defunct FlyClear service run by a company called Verified Identity Pass that launched in nearly 20 airports across the country with a paid service that promised a

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8 Interesting Things About Marketing & Social Media In R ...

Jun 21, 2009

This week is the first of six straight weeks where a class I am teaching on Global Communications at Georgetown University will be focused on a particular region of the world. This week’s region is Russia and they have just completed one blog post each about what they learned on the region. As part of

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Everything I Need To Know I Learned From … Advertising ...

Jun 19, 2009

When I arrived last night in Myrtle Beach, I didn't really know very much about this place, aside from my destination hotel where I'm staying. A mere half hour later I knew many things, including the fact that they have the World's Biggest Laser Light Show here and that selling beach homes and condo properties

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Trendspot: HoloCam Marketing

Jun 18, 2009

Earlier this week, the USPS created an engaging tool on their site called the “Virtual Box Simulator.” It is relatively simple to use – you print out an icon and when you visit their site and launch their tool, the icon is recognized through your webcam and what seems like a holographic version of a

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4 Reasons Facebook Won Big Last Night

Jun 13, 2009

In case you were under a rock last night or away from the computer (which is unfortunately the same thing for many people) – what you missed what an online event that is now being called the “Facebook Landgrab.” On Friday evening (or sometimes Saturday depending on where you were) – Facebook invited every user

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The Course I Always Wanted To Teach

Jun 12, 2009

Photo Credit: saikofish (Lou)Do you remember ever sitting in a class and thinking to yourself that if you were teaching, you'd do it completely differently? Most of us can probably relate to some version of this experience, though we usually don't get the chance to do it our own way. Starting this week, I'm getting

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5 Ways Gaming May Transform The Future Of Healthcare & W ...

Jun 11, 2009

Since the Nintendo Wii came out several years ago, the term “gaming” has begun to take on a different meaning. What was once used as a misunderstood term to describe teenagers wasting hours afterschool playing online games requiring huge and powerful computers with tattoo art on the sides has broadened. Now gaming describes everything from

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