2009 Predictions from The Pros At PSFK

Dec 23, 2008

Tired of 2009 predictions yet? I’ve had no less than a dozen requests to contribute to compilations of predictions for the next year and have participated in a few. So, clearly I’m part of the problem if you’re up to your ears in predictions from bloggers about what the next year will hold. Sometimes in

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Taj Hotel Reopens And Welcomes Travellers Home

Dec 20, 2008

I have had the good fortune to stay at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai twice in my life and both visits were amazing experiences. As you may recall, the Taj was involved in the recent terrorist attacks and had closed for a period of time. Well, the Taj is reopening tomorrow and using outbound email

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9 Ways To Make Twitter More Useful For You

Dec 18, 2008

Yesterday I wrote a post about the "5 Stages Of Twitter Acceptance." Part joke, part insight – I was trying to focus on the evolving way that people are uncovering their own personal usefulness out of the site. Several hundred retweets later the post seems still to be travelling around the web and I hit

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The 5 Stages Of Twitter Acceptance

Dec 17, 2008

Anyone who works with fast moving technology knows that there is always a new shiny tool that gets all the attention. It tends to change every few months and anytime you start to use a new tool, you do secretly wonder if it will be around all that long. By any measure, Twitter has passed

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A Compilation of 2009 Social Media Predictions Worth Reading

Dec 15, 2008

It started with a simple email from Peter. An invitation to contribute some thoughts to a collaborative blog post talking about the future. It’s a good topic on this 15th day of the last month of the year, a mere two weeks until we welcome 2009. Which may explain why when Peter Kim from Forrester

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Forrester Finds Consumers Think 84% Of Corporate Blogs Suck

Dec 10, 2008

Consider this piece of data that leads a new Forrester Research report (free registration required in order to download report): only one in six consumers (just 16%) trust company blogs. For believers in the power of social media, this just doesn’t seem right. After all, using a blog to put a more human face on

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ImageStorming: How To Brainstorm Alone (When You Have To)

Dec 09, 2008

Brainstorms are fun. Usually they involve getting a group of people into a room together, using some kind of white board or collaborative location to take notes and inviting participants to shout out their best ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re faced with a creative challenge and can’t pull together a team of people to help you

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4 Easy Steps To Piss Off A Wall Street Analyst

Dec 08, 2008

Costco CEO and cofounder Jim Sinegal is not your ordinary CEO, unfortunately for all of us. Even though his company is America’s fourth largest retailer, you seldom hear much about Costco in comparison to all the press that Walmart or Target seem to get. Yet Sinegal has quietly been leading Costco to continual profit, same

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Savvy Aunties And Your Underappreciated Customers

Dec 05, 2008

Every good marketing plan I have ever seen has the same piece of critical information to answer the biggest question of all: who is our target market? This is not about creating useless age demographics to segment an audience by what you think you can measure. It is about painting an idea of who the

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How Flip Video Is Using Personalization To Stand Out

Dec 03, 2008

I’ve been a fan of the iconic Flip camera for some time now. In my own experience, the device has single handedly unlocked the immediate power of creating video for me because it has made it a simple process. It has always been a great product. But now there are other products that offer similar

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