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PNI Goes On A BeachWalk With Rox

I first met Roxanne Darling at a great show for video bloggers called Vloggercon more than two years ago, and since then I’ve been following the rise in popularity of her video blog, BeachWalks with Rox. The show, shot daily from the beach at her home in Hawaii is the perfect reminder to stressed out east coast workers that they need to take a moment to slow down a bit and Rox is the perfect person to deliver that message in her natural and authentic style.  So check out her review, and subscribe to her show to get some great ideas and thoughts delivered via video blog from a very unexpected place.

Beach Walk 648 – Personality Preferred

  • Michele

    I LOVE this idea….I can relate to this ad more than any other – I should be at the beach, heck I live in sunny F L A!!!

    Great article.

    Michele Alonso