Hell Hath No Fury … Like A Pissed Search Engine Market ...

Aug 29, 2007

There are only two guiding principles for engaging in social media and blogging.  You don’t need to memorize a book or have years of experience.  All you need is to never forget the following two things: Never pretend to be someone you are not Never piss off a Search Engine Marketer Most people know the

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Barbie Fights the Tyranny of Toy Packaging

Aug 28, 2007

This past weekend, my son had his third birthday – a great moment in fatherhood for me because it’s really the first birthday where he gets really cool toys that Daddy can spend an entire Sunday afternoon playing with.  I think I speak for all Dads when I say Baby Einstein doesn’t really do it

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Why Everyone Hates To Love Technorati (But Does Anyway)

Aug 27, 2007

For all of the criticism about Technorati’s inconsistent ranking figures or recent team changes, the one thing the site has intuitively understood from the beginning is the inherent desire for bloggers to be ranked.  Though there are lots of industry based lists (such as the Power150, Viral Garden Top25, and Peter Kim’s newly launched M20)

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Add Your Votes To The New SxSW Panel Picker

Aug 22, 2007

For those who follow this blog, you know that I attend and speak at a lot of events.  Each has a different vibe and type of attendee – and I’ve been to some amazing events and heard many fantastic speakers.  This past year, one that stood out was the annual South by Southwest Festival that

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How to Sell the Value of Social Media To Your Boss

Aug 21, 2007

I don’t consider myself a blog envangelist.  My role is not to walk into every client’s office and tell them to start a blog.  For some, this may be the best thing to do.  For others, getting involved in social media may take a different and more community based approach.  Either way, the one common

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Why Brand Names Matter In The Travel Industry

Aug 20, 2007

If I named my next kid Jeeves, would I be limiting him to a future career as a butler?  What else could someone named Jeeves do?  Most marketers understand that names matter for perception, but what impact can they have on actual performance?  The past several weeks I have had to rent a car from

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New York's Papaya Branding Problem

Aug 16, 2007

If I gave you two words, papaya and new york (ok, three words), what would you think of?  If you are American, chances are these odd combination of words would conjure up images of hot dogs known as "papaya dogs," which are as iconic as you can get about American pop fast food culture.  The

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Branding the Subcontinent: India's Inspiring 60th Anniv ...

Aug 15, 2007

Today is India’s 60th Anniversary of Independence and there is lots of discussion on Indian blogs about the significance of this day and what it means for the country.  It will come as no surprise for admirers of the Bollywood film industry that India’s culture is one driven by film and music.  The blockbuster Bollywood

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Tapping Dayparting For More Than Online Ads

Aug 14, 2007

Last week I took the Metro at 7am to get to work for an early meeting.  Looking around at the crowd on the train at a time more than an hour earlier than I usually get on – two things were apparent.  First, the people looked sleepier.  And second, the crowd was clearly older on

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What If Consumers Could Generate Ads They Want To See?

Aug 13, 2007

Last week I sent myself an email to generate a Google text ad.  As any Gmail user knows, Google serves ads based on the text content of your email.  So corresponding back and forth with a good friend of mine whose wedding I will be attending in Peru next month results in several offers for

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