How To Find Time To Blog (When It's Not Your Day Job)

Jul 31, 2007

The one question I am asked most often by people who are considering starting their own blog or struggling to keep momentum up on a blog they have already created is how to find the time to do it.  If asked for a fast response, I usually mention my two top assets – collectng ideas

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1 Million Impressions In A Week: 5 Lessons In Getting Quoted ...

Jul 30, 2007

As most bloggers know, one of the main benefits of having a blog is the media hits and recognition from multiple sources that you end up getting accidentally and by design.  In terms of these hits and recognition, the past week has likely been one of my most busy since starting this blog back in

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5 Ways To Improve Your Blog

Jul 25, 2007

Blogs are an evolution, and keeping it up is a big commitment.  Usually you end up focusing on just creating new content on some sort of consistent interval, but the biggest problem with keeping a blog up to date is revising all those elements you once thought you would use, but now realize are not

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Viral Video: What if Microsoft Packaged The iPod?

Jul 24, 2007

In a very funny (and cautionary) video showing the dangers of overthinking product packaging – the following video is worth watching for any marketer who has had input into packaging, written copy for marketing materials, or just loves a good old fashioned lesson in common sense.  The choice of music from The Hudsucker Proxy –

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The Not-So-Secret Way Virgin America Will Reinvent US Air Tr ...

Jul 23, 2007

Virgin is not in the business of music.  Or credit cards.  Or mobile phones.  Or space travel.  Though the brand has done remarkably well in translating its popularity from one business to the next – they are actually in the business of reinventing stagnant industries.  Just look at the track record of industries that they

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A Call to Keyboards: Save Business2.0 Magazine!

Jul 20, 2007

There have been rumours flying this week that Time Inc. is going to be shutting down Business2.0 magazine and the last publication will be the September issue this year.  Valleywag is reporting that the magazine has already been shut down – but in another first for Business2.0, it seems Josh Quittner (editor) and several high

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A Campaign for Taxi Justice From A Crusading Cabbie

Jul 19, 2007

I used to sit in the front seat of a taxi.  In Australia, if you are male and riding in a cab alone – it is standard practice.  Every time I would come home to America while I was living in Sydney, I would delight in telling this little known quirk to my American friends

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IdeaBar: Fedex HyperLocal Delivery

Jul 17, 2007

This past weekend I spent most of the day on Saturday at home waiting for a delivery.  The promised window was between 11 and 2 … and not surprisingly, 2pm rolled around with no delivery in sight.  The delivery was from Home Depot, but it just as easily could have been any furniture or appliance

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Librarians Blogging And The Birth Of Library 2.0

Jul 16, 2007

I believe in the power of the people.  Not in a political way, because I’m not after your vote for anything.  But in a social way that is changing how we find information and how marketers communicate with their customers.  Technology is an enabler, but the real shift is in people collaborating and sharing an

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A Basic Lesson On Marketing To The "Wego" (Web Ego ...

Jul 12, 2007

Raise your hand if you have heard the term "blego."  Ok, that’s probably not a good experiment since I can’t see you … but it’s an increasingly common word being used to describe the hyperactive egos of many bloggers.  It’s becoming a negative word, often referring to the qualities of some bloggers to be judgemental,

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