5 Things to Learn from Island Marketing

Mar 30, 2007

I have a few days off and am in sunny Cancun until next Monday. Though Cancun may not officially be an island, there are several things that I noticed in common among every trip to an island or resort area that I have the chance to take – including this one. It seems the rules

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Corporate Bloggers and the Rise of the Accidental Spokespers ...

Mar 28, 2007

In the world of public relations, a spokesperson can sometimes seem like the most important element of any campaign.  Though I don’t quite understand some of my colleagues necessity to always propose a celebrity in this spokesperson role, I do understand the very real need to establish credibility and a spokesperson can be a great

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10 Ways to Improve Your Blog Karma

Mar 26, 2007

Whether you believe in karma or not, making your blog a success often has a lot to do with a series of seemingly disconnected events.  Every post you make, person you contact or comment you leave adds to the sum total of your efforts in the blogosphere.  Building relationships is important in any industry, but

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Marketing Ideas From Under the Radar 2007

Mar 23, 2007

One of my main beliefs about blogging and marketing is that the title always matters.  It matters in selling a book, driving clickthroughs on blog posts or emails, on placing effective keyword marketing, and the list goes on and on.  For just about everything you can do with marketing, choosing the right title is a

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The ROI of Blogging: Share Your Top 5 Stories

Mar 21, 2007

Two months ago, Charlene Li of Forrester produced a report on the ROI of blogging by comparing the relative spend on blogs to the spend required for focus group based research.  While some people immediately pointed out flaws in this reasoning, it was a great first step towards trying to define a model for measuring

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The Death of the Invisible Agency

Mar 20, 2007

There was a time when, apart from industry awards shows and the occasional book from an advertising or PR industry legend – agencies were largely invisible to consumers.  Marketing agencies created advertisements, managed relationships with the press, and generated campaign strategy on behalf of a client, but remained in the background.  Since then, you have

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The Blog Screen Size Paradox

Mar 19, 2007

Most bloggers or site owners pay a lot of attention to their web analytics and stats.  The big three numbers for most of us are unique visitors, referring URLs and referring keywords.  Of course, there are other metrics you can look at, but most site owners tend to hone in on those three.  Of all

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How to Create a Microbrand Like GapingVoid

Mar 15, 2007

It might sometimes seem like everything is going micro.  With microlending, loans are getting smaller.  With online video, entertainment is getting shorter.  Technology devices are, of course, getting smaller. Micro is hot.  So it should come as no surprise that the next big thing coming fast into the marketing world is actually a little thing:

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5 Brilliant Marketing Ideas from SxSW

Mar 14, 2007

Over the next week, I’ll posting some of the other insights I will be taking from the event, but in the meantime here are just a few marketing ideas that struck me as remarkable or noteworthy from SxSW: Using the tag as the tagline.  Everywhere you look there are signs posted telling you what tag

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SxSW, Nuclear Tacos, and Other Authentic Experiences

Mar 13, 2007

Last night I had nuclear tacos.  You’ve probably never heard of them until last night, but as part of Mozilla’s BBQ event, the nuclear tacos were out in force.  Today there are lots of images of Flickr of people experiencing nuclear pain and several images of the actual tacos and event (including the one at

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