3 Big Reasons I'm Not An Apple Enthusiast

Feb 22, 2007

As a marketer, I should be in love with Apple.  After all, I have an iPod and a Mac at home – and Apple’s marketing success offers lessons for anyone wanting a great case study on how to position products, launch them into the market, and use distinctive product design to connect with consumers.  Getting

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Jaman and The New Global Niche

Feb 21, 2007

Ethnicity has always been an appealing niche for foreign language newspapers and magazines to local cable television programs.  Restaurants, churches and temples are all centers for exploring global cultures in the real world.  Yet on the Internet, the most successful ethnically focused sites seem to be the online dating sites such as Shaadi.com, JDate and

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Blockbuster Poaches Netflix Customers with "President&# ...

Feb 19, 2007

Netflix has always focused on innovation with everything from their award winning user interface to the longstanding Netflix Prize.  Aside from technical innovation, they have also pioneered a new business model for online on-demand movie downloading by charging consumers based on the hours they watch, streaming movies without actually downloading them and letting users switch

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IdeaBar: The Secret Menu Item

Feb 18, 2007

There is a restaurant at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas called Mr. Lucky’s 24/7.  As the name suggests, it’s open all the time every day – but that’s hardly unique in Las Vegas.  Their menu is like most other menus at cafe restaurants in hotels … serving the usual entrees coupled with the

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Read This Before Sending Free Stuff to Bloggers …

Feb 16, 2007

Karl over at ExperienceCurve posted an interesting question for bloggers yesterday about how you would react to getting free products as a blogger and what sense of obligation you might feel.  Nokia is experimenting with this, and just about every consumer products brand I work with is considering it and trying to find the right

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The Ultimate Social Network You Haven't Heard Of

Feb 14, 2007

Ok, maybe you have … and it just might be Flixster, a social network dedicated to film, actors, Hollywood and movie fans.  The obvious question you could be wondering is how it can be "the ultimate" when there are so many other social networks that have been around longer, pull more traffic, have more users

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10 Secrets of Successful Online Community

Feb 12, 2007

This past weekend I was moderating a panel at CommunityNext, a smart event focused on everything about online communities coordinated by Noah Kagan.  The event was a fun gathering of extremely smart folks from some of the hottest online communities today – and panelists/speakers shared many great thoughts on topics ranging from how to be

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