Sports Fans and the Anti-You Website

Few causes polarize and fire up people like supporting their sports teams, no matter the sport.  While the passion of supporting a team is strong, hatred often proves to be stronger.  People are most vocal when it comes to the things they agree with – a truth that drives politics, advocacy groups, sports, and yes … even websites.  One manifestation of this is the rise of the "anti-you" website explored in a recent issue of Sporting News magazine. As the author Deveney notes, "it seems a coach doesn’t matter until there is a fire-him website.  Fans don’t boo or call radio talk shows anymore.  Real fans start websites.

Hatred is a keen motivator for many forms of consumer generated media, including blogs, podcasts, websites – something that makes it tougher and tougher to screw things up quietly.  What if your biggest opponent started an anti-you website?  Me personally, I’d take it as a compliment.  Unless, of course, it didn’t get any traffic …