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Archive for December, 2005

Sports Fans and the Anti-You Website

Few causes polarize and fire up people like supporting their sports teams, no matter the sport.  While the passion of supporting a team is strong, hatred often proves to be stronger.  People are most vocal when it comes to the things they agree with – a truth that drives politics, advocacy groups, sports, and yes … even websites.  One manifestation of this is the rise of the "anti-you" website explored in a recent issue of Sporting News magazine. As the author Deveney notes, "it seems a coach doesn’t matter until there is a fire-him website.  Fans don’t boo or call radio talk shows anymore.  Real fans start websites.

Hatred is a keen motivator for many forms of consumer generated media, including blogs, podcasts, websites – something that makes it tougher and tougher to screw things up quietly.  What if your biggest opponent started an anti-you website?  Me personally, I’d take it as a compliment.  Unless, of course, it didn’t get any traffic …

Using Advertising for Micropayments

One of the biggest hurdles that online publishers have faced in trying to make money from content has been the lack of a single standard for micropayments.  While services like Paypal have made strides in popularizing a form of digital cash, micropayments of less than 1 cent still remain impossible online.  As a result, sites have come up with their…Read More >>

Are Customers Photoshopping Your Logo?

Are Customers Photoshopping Your Logo?

I remember about five or six years ago going through Coke’s brand guidelines for agencies in preparation for a project we were about to design for them.  It was a nearly 50 page document with details about everything from pantone colors, to reverse out instructions to where to place the trademark symbol in relation to the logo in millimeters.  And…Read More >>

Easing the Responsibility of Blogging

You’re interested in sharing your insights into communications challenges and issues with the world. That’s a great start. But are you really ready to take on the responsibility a weblog brings? Because it isn’t one you should take on lightly. Writing a successful weblog is a time-consuming affair … This initial welcoming and warning is from the "Join" page of…Read More >>

Strong Support for the Tagging Revolution

Strong Support for the Tagging Revolution

If there is one takeaway from two recent Yahoo acquisitions, it’s certainly that they believe in the social computing phenomenon of tagging.  Through buying Flickr, and – they have brought strong players in the social bookmarking revolution that have witnessed amazing growth over the past few years under the same roof.  Clearly, this indicates a specific strategy when…Read More >>

Marketing the Director's Cut Online

Marketing the Director's Cut Online

One of the most engaging and talked about ads in recent months was the Sony Bravia ad where they sent 250,000 coloured balls down the streets of San Francisco and filmed them as a metaphor for the amazing colour viewers will get from their latest technical innovation in digital television viewing (Color like no other).  Generating an almost Cog-like interest,…Read More >>

The Consumer as Advertiser

With all of the attention devoted to the many new ways that consumers are finding to avoid advertising, from Tivos to popup blockers, one interesting result of the explosive growth of personal media is the phenomenon of the consumer as advertiser.  One popular example is when Joe Jaffe created a Nike spot with the hanging golf ball within hours of…Read More >>

The 100th Post – A Blog Strategy

I was looking at the "99" after the number of blog posts in my Typepad login screen and thinking to myself that I should do something significant for this 100th post.  Though I feel a bit like a proud first time parent talking about particularly loud baby burp (ie – I care, but noone else does) – hitting 100 feels…Read More >>

Marketing to CIOs & IT Managers

I’m in San Francisco working on a client project where we are targeting the business to business audience of IT Managers and CIOs.  It is an interesting audience category because of the relative importance of influencers and distribution of the IT purchasing decision across many levels of an enterprise.  As such, it’s also a particularly challenging audience to reach, with…Read More >>